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Good skin is a sign of good health. Keeping skin nice and clean is very vital as it represents you in front of others. Skin is the most exposed part of the body and with time it goes through wear and tear. Exposure to sunlight and pollution also add to skin damage. With age skin also goes through natural progression and changes in texture and appearance.  Expert skincare advice can help you in the long run with great and healthy skin.

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Radiant and clear skin is what everyone desires. It is achievable with efforts and the right skincare guidance. Clear, bright and, fresh skin makes you look younger and more presentable. Since skin is the most visible part of the body, ensure it is treated with utmost care. Let’s achieve this goal of radiant and glowing skin together. Make us a partner in this journey of the skin and body you desire.


With 15 plus years in the field of dermatology and a team of specialists associated with our clinic, we work day in and day out for the betterment of your skin. With state of art technology and constant study and research on skincare, We provide customized and need-based skincare solutions for your skin and body care needs- A transformation that would make you love yourself even more.


Services We Offer

Acne/ Scar Treatment

Acne is one of the most common skin problems that can lead to scars if not treated properly.

Body Contouring/Coolscuplting

With proper intervention, one can have the body of their choice which can be achieved by procedures like body contouring and coolsculpting.


Dermatologically approved facials and clean-ups yield the best results for fresh and glowing skin. We offer the best in the derma services.

Anti Ageing

One can easily defy age with our anti-aging procedures.

Pigmentation/Skin Lightening

The change in skin tone due to excess exposure to the sun, melasma and liver spots to name a few is pigmentation. Skin lightening is a procedure to reduce uneven skin tone and lead to better even-toned skin.

Painless Hair Reduction

Healthy hair can not just contribute to your overall look but also make you look prettier. Hair fall is a commonplace problem that can be cured with the help of advice and procedures offered by our experts.


Most Popular Procedures

We offer a bouquet of services for your skin and body. We would partner in your beauty journey.

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Why Choose us

We will be your fine choice for a radiant body and skin. Choose us for the body and skin of your choice.

  • Professional Affiliation (Website 96 x 96 )

    Professional Affiliations

    We are proud members of Indian Dermatologist Association, Anti-aging World Congress Society of India.
  • Customer Attention (Website 96 x 96 )

    Customized and Personalized Attention for Patients

    We aim to give you customized solutions and personalized care for your body, skin, and hair care needs.
  • Equipment (Website 96 x 96 )

    Latest Technology for your Skin & Body Care

    We use Best of Laser, all US FDA Approved technology. All Best in class equipment for treating your skin and body.


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