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With more than 15 plus years of experience in the field of skin and body care, Best-in-class equipment and compliance to safety standards and norms, we have the best accreditations and keep updating knowledge through continuous learning. Your search for beautiful skin and the body of your choice ends here, at Kiran’s Clinic.

We make sure that each patient is given personalized attention and the required treatment, be it interventional or prescription-based. Step into our world to experience how you can transform your beautiful skin and body into an even more beautiful version of it.

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Acne and Scar Treatment

One of the most common skin conditions in teenagers and young adults. If untreated it can lead to scarring on the skin. There are procedures for the treatment of acne and scars.

Skin Pigmentation/ Skin Lightening

Skin pigmentation is a commonplace problem. This leads to the darkening of skin and patches. Skin lightening is also one of the means to overcome pigmentation.

Woman during body mesotherapy procedure in clinic

Body Contouring & Coolsculpting

Underneath fat and loose skins lies a great body. Body sculpting and contouring are procedures that help one gain a toned body.


Skin is where age reflects the most. With due course of time wrinkles, crow’s feet, pigmentation, uneven skin tone, and slack take over otherwise young skin. Our experts will guide you on anti-aging treatments based on your skin type.

Anti-aging laser procedure
Mesotherapy for hair. Young man getting injections in head

Hair Fall Treatment

With time and stress, it is very common to have hair fall. Hair fall can be taken care of with the right treatment. The dermatological procedure can be used to overcome that.

Facials Rejuvenation & Clean-ups

Rejuvenation of the face is about relaxing and refreshing it. Our face tires and rejuvenation can help make it look fresh and healthy. Dirt and pollution lead to the skin being lifeless. Regular facial and clean-ups from experts can promote healthy and lively skin.

Rejuvenating facial treatment
Woman in protective goggles receiving laser hair removal procedure on armpit

Laser Hair Reduction

To get rid of unwanted hair permanently laser hair removal is the best resort. It is very effective and painless with lasting results.

Mole / Wart Removal

Mole and warts are skin viruses. They spread with time if untreated. Timely treatment by a dermatologist can curtail further spread and give you clearer skin.

Caucasian female having a small mole removed
Tattoo removal in the clinic

Tattoo Removal

For the longest time tattoos were assumed to be permanent. New technology in the field of dermatology now ensures that these tattoos can be removed when wanted.


Frequently Asked Questions

Here we are answering some of the frequently asked question that our patients ask. These are just for knowledge purpose. In case of any abnormality or skin problem , kindly consult a skin specialist before starting any treatment.

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